Thursday, November 13, 2008


VOL. 1 # 8

M41. 3. 23. 996


In House warring is rarely seen in Hive City but down here in the under belly of great Hive Primus it is all too common. Cross town rivals Destroyers and Death Dealers both of allegiance to House Goliath have been known to have a few skirmishes out in the Red Wastes and near Black Troll Ruins.

Yesterday was no exception as they clashed in hostility over rights to turf and homage. The Black Troll Ruins will now be remembered as the place where Dred Hogan fell. The Death Dealer gang leader was slain in a seven on one melee in which ganger “Berserker”, of Destroyers , finally brought him down.

The Enforcers under command of Sgt. Hauk witnessed the battle as his men made sure the violence did not spread to the nearby settlements.

“ The leader, who was outnumbered, was swinging a chainsword like some sort of mad sump pirate…he was determined to go down swinging….”

Grimskull was heard toasting to the memory of Dred as a Goliath through and through though many believe he finally grew tired of Dred’s loud mouth and upstart mentality.


With Arbitrator Rodrigo now restoring order to our habitation pocket of the Underhive, thing seem to be returning to normal. Not much is known about this former Enforcer from Hive Tianos other than that he has a stern military background and his first plan is to sweep the tunnels and waste zones of outlaws, mutants and Rat Skins.

He will be stationed in the recently renovated Precinct House in Coffin Heights until a new Precinct is built in the Sprawls since it has the densest population.


The House of Orlock is holding talks to let their Underhive kin understand the situations with the Noble Houses and rival House Delaque. So far three representatives have gone as far as Down Town and Girder Falls to gather local Orlock gang leaders, businessmen and heads of familys. The recent deaths of Orlock agents in Dog Town point to Delaque assassins, but no offical word has been given.


*Rest In Peace Uncle Stone Bone, found dead early this morning, a kilometer from his warehouse. Cause of death is still unknown.

*Drake” Iron” Talon issues a challenge to any all gangs in the North Badzones:

“ We ain’t gone and I ain’t dead, any git that gots the stones is welcome to try his know where we are….”

* Wanted: Iron Fist gang members : ” Dead End” , “Stone” and “ Sparky” . 100 credits each Alive. Bounty to be paid by Malone. Contact at Sin Inn, Diablo Hole.