Sunday, July 19, 2009


VOL 1 # 9

M41. 4. 4. 996


Three different incidents, three different locations- all at the same time.

The mastermind Malone of House Delaque has indeed showed the gangs of the North Zones just how much bite he has.

Four Bull Dog gangers were responsible for gunning down Red Wolves members “Big Happy” and “ Gunner Loko” and torching their club house in Diablo Hole down while the Wolves were said to be holding a deal with the Escher Shades in Green Water.

Across town in Badsville Malone himself called out Bad Dogs leader and Watchmen El Chote to a shoot out that took place near the Red Wastes so not to cause attention from the Enforcer patrol. Malone and three Bull dogs gangers accompanied him in the fiasco leaving one dead Orlcok, “ Stoney”, for El Chote to bury in the soft Hive Ash.

To really make a point though more Bull Dogs gangers ambushed members of Jester’s Iron Fists gang near the Dead Mans Run tunnels system. Sources say no one was injured but it is pretty clear that Malone means business.


While digging for mineral ore near Black Junction, members of the Death Dealers gang were assaulted by an unknown party and the fire fight that followed brought one more dead Dealer, “ Jax” and one captured assailant. The Death Dealers, not knowing what to do contacted the Dog Town Watchmen and handed him over to with no qualms.

Rumor has it the ganger is a member of House Vega in Tianos Hive. Suspicion and intrigue are quickly surrounding this story.


After the Red Wolves club house( and living quarters) were burned to the ground, the gang spent many hours drinking and arguing at Red Zeke’s Booze Shack.

Eventually the bartender threw them all out and the gang began attacking their leader Kallagrim. Onlookers were shocked when he decided to turn his back and walk away, allowing youngster named Grimwal to attack him from behind.

The incident ended quickly with the much larger and powerful Kallagrim Duffy aiming his shotgun at all the members.

He was later found found drinking and eating a hearty breakfast at the Golden Troll in Dog Town, he commented on the event:

“ Who needs those worthless chumps anyhow…they are a bunch of stooges…never listened to me or my brothet…I’m done with the gang life…but I am going freelancer…look for me at Morrissey’s Trade Post.”


* Live Music tonight in Green Water courtesy of the Hive City’s one and only VLAD PRESLEY.

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