Friday, July 24, 2009


VOL 1 # 11

M 41. 5. 7. 996


After months of running from the Watchmen, Enforcer Patrols, Bounty Hunters and gangs, Van Saar Outlaw and murderer, Rickee Ficket was captured and hung in Coffin Heights at the start of the day cycle by Arbitrator Rodrigo.

The combined effort of the Arbites and Watchmen cornered the gang leader and his remaining few outside of the Blue Corner. Gang Members Hanzo” Knuckles” Vasili was shot while trying to run from the Enforcers and the rest were all executed in front of Ficket before he was hanged in the center of Coffin Heights.


Spokesperson for House Orlock has issued a statement to the Noble House Greim and House Dealque.

“ Never before has this House been unable to fulfill its contracts. The back stabbing, sabotage and undermining of our trade routes and business efforts has left House Orlock no choice but to cease talk with both House and therefore all members of House Dealque will be treated as hostile should we come across them in Hive City or down below. Let House Vega of Tianos Hive also now that the fault of the broken trade lines is not the fault of House Orlock but of the shyster’s who live in the Spire.”

This statement was not received well by anyone here in Hive Primus- the implications of all out House War is dangerously close.


As a jounalist and resident of the North Zones I hope I have brought you all the facts and honesty I possibly could. I have just recived word that my internship with the Necromundan 138th Imperial Regiment has been approved and I will take to being a battle field scribe off world. Wish me luck friends and I hope you all stay safe here down hive.

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